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PPAM was started with one founding principle : Do the right thing.

That sounds simple on the surface, but in today’s world, things are not always black and white. That’s why we have chosen to align ourselves on your side, the client side. Where the simple question of, “What’s best for YOU?” is the only question that needs to answered.

All of us started at the big box wirehouses that you are familiar with. You may even have accounts there. We turned frustrated as we saw banks take over the securities industry, commissions emphasized, and cross-selling run rampant.

That’s why we started our own company.

A company focused on our clients, our family. One that is oriented to your goals, not a Wall Street number. A company you can visit and everyone knows your name, or knows who you are when you call. A company that celebrates your achievements, and is there for support when times get tough. It’s about having the same vision, running in the same shoes, and jumping the hurdles together.

If you are tired of the same rhetoric from firm to firm , the same boring concepts, and complete lack of service, then join us. Become part of our family. Join a movement that keeps growing with the nicest people on earth …… You!