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Jeffrey Mramor

Jeffrey Mramor

Principal & Managing Director

As a passionate surfer, I try to integrate my knowledge of surfing into my professional investment experiences.

There are many similarities between investing and surfing.

Both have long periods of waiting and patience.

Out in the ocean there are many waves, much waiting, and picking the right wave is critical to how you will perform. Then you must fall in to the wave correctly and chart your path.

Finally, you must keep your focus, re-assess situations constantly, and adjust as needed.

All while ignoring the noise and distractions.

Investing is a game of patience also. Where picking the right time to be in certain assets is beneficial to performance. Where charting the correct financial path is critical. And blocking out the noise and distractions from the media is essential.

That’s why I put a high emphasis on client relationships. Getting to know who you are and what makes you tick. How you live and what your dreams are. What fears do you have about your future and what dreams are we achieving for you and your family?

Investing shouldn’t be one stop and go. Investing and financial planning are ongoing, they do not end.

Success is taking clients from start to finish, enjoying the ride, and finishing in grand style.