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Rick  Montejano

Rick Montejano

Principal & Managing Director

Making the world better, one person at a time.

This is a guiding philosophy of mine, personally and professionally.

As an avid fly-fisher and a licensed guide, I have noticed similarities between

Helping clients to invest and helping people learn to fish.

Like many investors, most fly fishers know very little about their sport.

Investors and fishermen usually have the basic idea, (make money or catch fish), but deeper knowledge and understanding are usually lacking.

It is the deeper understanding that makes for the better investor and fisherperson. The ability to communicate deeper, more complex ideas and solutions to the student and to each situation is where I diverge from your typical advisor.

Its one thing for me to catch a fish for you. It’s a whole different ball game when you do it for yourself.

Likewise, I can make the investments for you, but its more satisfying educating you and having both of us work towards your goals.

That’s where my satisfaction comes from. Helping you to understand and to help you achieve your goals. Assisting you to understand and implement different strategies. Watching you achieve and grow as you become a better investor.